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Life gets complicated when you try to do too many things simultaneously. Or when you say yes to everything because you fear saying no. It also gets complicated when you try to be perfect in every aspect of your life. So you get overwhelmed and can’t remember the joy and beauty of simplicity – your visions and goals have taken over your life.

The problem is that society tells you that you SHOULD do more, WANT more and buy more to be happy. However, adding more stuff mostly complicates things even further. The secret to simple living is to eliminate tasks and things that are useless or draining.

So what does one do? throw everything away and live the life of a hermit or ascetic? 

The general rule is this: Decide what’s useless in your life. Then decide what’s vital.

Or in other words,

  1. Make a list of all the things that drain your time and energy. Then, try to remove those things from your life. One by one.
  2. Make a second list of what’s vital in your life. Try to have 4-5 items maximum. A good example could be your health, your family and friends, and your mission.
  3. Then readjust your daily schedule to include more items on the second list and fewer on the first.

First this brings attention to the things and mindsets that may be at play in your days. With that awareness you are better prepared to create a map and navigate the course required.

As you probably noticed, simple living is mainly about letting go.

Letting go of what complicates your life. Letting go of trying to keep up with others.

It’s about being indifferent to the noise of modern life. It’s about doing less, but better. It’s about finding happiness internally instead of seeking it externally.

When you truly want to live simply you stop caring about the big house, the new smartphone, being busy, and stuff. You stop trying to impress other people and you stop playing the status game. You start to care more about your people, being mindful, healthy, and peaceful. You stop chasing happiness, and you just live your life, simply.

Peace and Love, Jim

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