Realize that “being a person” is just a thought – a thought that only arises after perception has first appeared.

For example, the thought “I am a useless handyman”, only appears AFTER I hit my thumb with the hammer. If I happen to “relate” to that thought, then the mind’s idea that I have of “me” will add that concept to the pile. In other words, the more I relate to any thought, personally, the more I limit myself.

The “personal” relationship that the mind attaches to any and all events is merely a STORY and not a reality.

What we call “our ego” is therefore only a bundle of thoughts which we have personally identified with. This so-called personal identity (which is constantly changing as we move from one experience to the next) is entirely thought-based and is only relative to experiences of the PAST.

When a person has a genuine realization to this nature of being, one then naturally begins to distrust the mind’s inner-narration of life’s events, as they unfold. This is the discernment that is often described as, “seeing the false as false”.

This isn’t to say that the mind’s tendency of story-telling stops but the belief in it does (or at least begins to). This realization reveals that the only so-called truth, as far as I can see it, is the ongoing primal immediacy of awareness.

Whatever “content” that seems to be passing through our perceptions is not the reality, but the acceptance and awareness life’s inherent emptiness of the false concepts we attach to them IS.

Peace and Love, Jim

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