When empty of mind, this being-ness that we are IS Love, manifest. We are each Love, loving its self-aware essence, reflecting itself to itself, infinitely.

It is when one gets lost in “the dream of things” that the mind tends to create troublesome feelings to arise, such as loneliness, self-loathing, unworthiness, guilt, blame and shame.

To be lost in the conceptual world of personal stories (and all of its accompanying likes and dislikes) is to create needless suffering for oneself. The living awareness of presence, however, IS Beauty, IS Love, manifest through this apparent form that we each seem to be.

How could this infinite and aware essence of I AM be anything but Love?

Anything that one might find disappointing in life is nothing but a sign pointing one back to what is true – that fundamental essence of thinking the entire universe owes its apparent existence unto the concept of me.

The universe “owes” us nothing for each of us is the universe.

Peace and Love, Jim

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