Everything of the mind is false. Everything, absolutely everything that it projects into consciousness is only an interpretation, an estimation, a subjective opinion arising from its misperceived sense of duality.

There is only this. This is not two. I am is never divided. It is Self-contained. There is nothing outside of it, nor is there anything inside of it, as it is not an “it”. It is “no-thing.”

Everything of the mind is nothing but an attempt to describe what is real (present-awareness). But thought itself is never “real”. It appears real (because it is experienced and known, in the moment), but it has no independent existence. It relies upon awareness for it to appear, for it to “seem” to be. But upon direct inspection, mind reveals itself to be only a ghost, a phantom a person takes to be real, but isn’t.

Dwelling on the mind’s “personal” thoughts is only a distraction from the ever-present reality that one is… a beautiful emptiness in which the whole wondrous universe is nothing but an appearance, a dance of consciousness in consciousness.

Peace and Love, Jim

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