Every feeling, every reaction and every sensation is conditioned — conditioned by family, by education, by culture, by media, and by one’s imagination.

We rarely see things as they are, and more often see them as we think they are. As such, there is no “world” outside of this conditioning, as the world itself is nothing but an appearance arising within this mind  – an “appearance” that is never the same and is continually changing.

If you investigate your experience, here and now, and can even for a brief moment drop all of your learned concepts and knowledge, you will see that there is no “out there” whatsoever. There is only “This” –  this suchness that I am, this alive-beingness that somehow encompasses all seeming things, including perceptions of the world, even including perceptions of my so-called personal “self”.

There is no chaos “outside” of the mind. It is the mind that “is the chaos”, as there can be no perceived world without it. Empty of the mind’s chatter, there is only the stillness and presence.

Align with the natural silence of this awareness that you are and the absolute nothingness of your presence will be realized as the sole truth upon which all other apparent “things” rely. Can you see that Consciousness – your SELF is inherently empty of all things? You ARE this beautiful, still and aware emptiness.

We create illusions by believing whatever conditioned thoughts are appearing to us in any given moment. By habit, we repeat mantras over and over again in our minds, meditating them into beliefs. Such as I am depressed, I am angry, or I am stuck. Thoughts convince us that we need more of this and less of that, which cause constant dissatisfaction and stress. But if we ignore this stream of noise from the mind and instead rest in the silence of self, which is still and unchanging, then all illusions will dissolve in the light of this awareness that you ARE.

Peace and Love, Jim

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