In Buddhist teachings there is a concept known as “non-duality.” Some of us may know the concept – Non-dualism primarily refers to a mature state of consciousness, in which the dichotomy of I-other is “transcended”, and awareness is described as “center-less” and “without dichotomies.”

When we look at this concept we often imagine many things and began to wonder if it is possible to live in non-duality without the great effort to do so. The key here is not in the terms or descriptions but within our understanding. . .

We already ARE living in non-duality, since duality is only imagined by the mind. Whatever the mind perceives is not “the truth.” It is only an appearance, a limited impression, one that is forever flowing and always changing, never the same. We can never know the ultimate “truths” and so our mind goes to work solving the unknown to the best of its ability. This can have its place in our life but we should never think that any of it IS truth.

It is simply our ego’s “effort”  to solve the mystery and IS the sole cause of whatever dissatisfaction and unease we each are experiencing. This is why all of the Masters simply say things like: Stay Quiet. Do Nothing. Be empty. Be the effortless faculty of observation that quietly rests beneath whatever seems to be happening on the surface of events. React to nothing. Simply BE the unbiased presence within while the world of duality plays itself out.

Understand this, for it is far from easy my friends.

Relax your grip on the mind’s quest for answers. There are none. You seek because you continue to ask. What happens when you no longer ask questions but just revel in that which IS, here and now? Does this precise moment need an introduction, an explanation, or a description?

This precise moment is intimately known by you, within you — as nothing but you — without any effort or volition. Just BE with whatever IS, which is always nothing but your concept and understanding of self. aim to not be swayed by the powerful pull of a hungry self.

Just BE today.

Peace and Love, Jim

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