We are often instructed to lead with our hearts. In the real world, how do we “lead with our hearts? These tips can turn this mantra into a mindset.

People first – Never forget, friends enemies and starters alike are human first. They all deserve to be treated with dignity and respect no matter what they have, job they perform or roles they play. In every interchange, treat them as you’d like to be treated. 

Help others find fulfillment – All people have fundamental needs that must be met. But beyond the basic necessities, they have a desire to do something fulfilling. If you are in positions of leadership, you have a responsibility to give meaning to their tasks. Talk often about the purpose of their efforts and how we all can fit into that purpose. Help them be understanding of what the feel and what they do.

Correct missteps – Many people mistakenly see leading with the heart as a method that is soft; it tends to overlook the mind and the more mental aspects of life. That can be true if we fail to see and achieve balance. If you care about only one thing or one side of your perspective, then yes you are treading dangerous waters. But by being willing to face and demonstrate courage and confront the imbalance; we can begin to correct our steps and move in the right directions.

Plant the seeds – Lead with balanced actions in ways large and small. Be patient, be understanding, find strength and build it more in the areas you find lacking. Plant the seeds for goodness, but don’t expect to always see the harvest immediately. The best harvests take time to plant, nurture and grow. Being able to lead with our hearts is no different so give it time and attention.

Support goals – Help others understand they don’t need to be afraid to take steps forward with compassion and strength. Work with others in small ways to develop ideas and methods for achieving goals, even if it means you must develop them right along by their side. When you support others they are more likely to support you when the day comes

The common denominator in all these tips is involvement. You can’t lead your life, your family or your co-workers from the sidelines if you want to lead with a more understanding and heartfelt attitude, strike the right balance between heart  and mind. Meet others where they are and “lead from your heart.”

Peace and Love, Jim

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