Humanity today often lacks hope and vision.

What is truly lacking that causes many of us to feel this way? A lack of purpose? Direction?

It is for precisely this reason that the Bodhisattvas of the Earth have appeared. Without our presence, the future of humanity would be bleak and our decline would certainly be our destination. This is why you have been born in this age and are now playing an active role in our society. This is the meaning of jiyu, or “emerging from the earth.”

Over the course of a lifetime we all experience awakenings of various degrees and inclinations. We should remember and honor the growth that comes from our explorations and resulting understandings. Consequently, each of us will definitely become happier. Please be confident that you will lead lives overflowing with good fortune throughout our three existences of past, present and future. Though we can only live one of these states, the value is in the fact that we have live them all.

Peace and Love, Jim

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