What if you woke one morning and felt okay?

What if you found yourself being grateful for being alive?

What if you just enjoyed the moment while you drank your morning beverage?

What if you really focused on the warmth of the water during your shower and realized that more than 2/3 of the world had no such luxury?

What if you noticed the beautiful sunshine or appreciated the rain on the way to work, and failed to notice the aggressive driver riding your tail?

What if you smiled and said hello to everyone as you entered the office, without judging thoughts or evaluations – just an honest hello? (Even to those that supposedly talk about you).

What if you noticed each and every breath as you took it, realizing that life was a miracle, and felt the peace of the present moment?

What if everything went right?

What if it was okay even if it didn’t?

Could you handle it, or do you need for things to be bad and to worry about the future?  Do you feel more secure when there is something wrong?

Questions should always lead to answers not problems.

You are the switch, are you afraid to flip it?

Peace and Love, Jim

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