This Universe works only because it is as it is.

Any different and it wouldn’t work. It is a nonlinear, dynamic system with determined energies and  behaviors, but an undetermined outcome. It borders chaos, but follows certain patterns and laws. Circular causality adds complexity which produces results that can not be specifically predicted from knowing an initial or current state of the system. If it were rigid and static, or perfectly predictable and orderly, then there would be no room for adaptive evolution or choice. If it were entirely chaotic then there would be no foundation for evolution or change to build upon.

Now How About You?

Why do we see and view ourselves any differently? In plain English there is a middle path that makes it all work;a balance between order and chaos.  In human terms – it takes all kinds.  Some of us live on the edge by creating new ideas and pushing the boundaries of culture, art, and what it means to be human. Others are traditional and hold things together by trying to maintain order in an ever-changing and dynamic universe.  We even have both personality types within ourselves.  There is a part of us that is adventurous and wants to experience something new and a part of us that is fearful of change and wants everything to remain the same. Our sweet spot lies in the balance – creative change with just enough structure to keep things from falling into total chaos.

Make bold choices and extend your abilities, but don’t lose sight of your center and who you truly are. You cannot always control specific outcomes in this semi-chaotic world, but you can evolve, direct, and guide – helping to shape the future in this wondrous experience that we call life.

Peace and Love, Jim

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