Live, Learn, Understand. . .

I’ve noticed that “trying times” seem to come in waves. For instance it appears (?) that this week has been “trying” for many (including myself. Full workloads, too much to do and a endless stream of chores both at work and at home can put us all to the test and strain relationships at every level.

The question is – are these really any different from any other times or do we simply perceive them that way because of some trigger someone pulled in our day? Whose trigger was pulled? What is “my” trigger? and finally why do “I” have one?

Ultimately I am thankful to be able to simply reflect on these “trying” days, weeks or whatever. This is not to say that sometimes I do not fall down and resort to “my” old ways of venting and feeling hurt, I do, we all do. These are the moment we all have to put our best minds and efforts forward, there is no other time it is more required, which brings me to todays thought: We forget that forgiveness is greater than revenge. As people we make mistakes. We are allowed to make mistakes it’s how we learn. But the actions we take while in a rage will plague us forever. Think, it’s why you can. Be patient, what’s the alternative? Forgive & forget. It’s easy to love those you like, can you say the same of those you don’t

If your busy judging people, you have no time to love them.

Have a beautiful day. Live, learn, and understand. .. nothing lasts forever and that is a beautiful thing.

Peace and Love, Jim

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