Seek Insight. . .

As we end the week we take another opportunity to pursue understanding, compassion and wisdom. To look in ourselves and find that everything we ever wanted already resides within us.

If it’s Truth we’re after, we’ll find that we cannot start with any assumptions or concepts whatsoever.Instead, we must approach the world with bare, naked attention, seeing it without any mental bias  – without concepts, beliefs, preconceptions, presumptions, or expectations.

How can we see the world as it comes to be in each moment, rather than merely as what we think, hope, or fear it is? How can we base our actions on reality, rather than on the longing and loathing of our hearts and minds? How can we live lives that are wise, compassionate, and in tune with reality? And how can we separate the wisdom from the cultural trappings and misconceptions that have come to be associated with it?

With practice.

Practice is the cornerstone to understanding that we do possess everything we will ever need to live full, experienced lives. We need only be awake to the lessons and wisdom we are handed in our everyday lives, to be conscious of the workings of our mind and the way it has been conditioned over the years. By truly seeing the world as it is for what it is (or isn’t) we open ourselves up to the greater possibilities of truth and compassion for others because we see and truly understand that we are all cut from the same fabric and share the same destiny.

Like a beautiful flower that is colorful but has no fragrance, even well spoken words bear no fruit in one who does not put them into practice.

Peace and Love, Jim

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