Acceptance is often taken for granted, but what acceptance really requires is some good old fashioned practice.

The part of you (or your life) that longs for transformation will probably feel unsteady or even scared at the idea of change. Experiencing a new and unfamiliar process can feel very vulnerable. As many times as you need to each day, touch in with yourself and get to know your own unique process. Try this quick exercise while sitting at your desk, between meetings or errands:

Place your right hand over your heart or anywhere on your body where you sense fear, uneasiness or vulnerability. It may be a swirling of what feels like anxiety in your chest, or a dropping in your stomach, a tense or tender part of your body. Whatever it is for you, place your right hand where you notice the sensation and say to yourself: “This too.”

This too is inclusive. This message immediately opens up space for any sensation, feeling or experience to be there without it needing to be different or be figured out. As you notice the sensations, feelings or experiences move or change, just follow them with your hand and your acceptance: this too. This too. This too.

Notice what happens to each sensation, emotion or experience as you practice this simple ritual of acceptance. The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.

Peace and Love, Jim

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