The Buddha spoke of the three fires in one of his talks. These are:

(1) Desire/Thirst

(2) Anger

(3) Delusion

‘Your house is on fire, and burns with the Three Fires; there is no dwelling in it’ – thus spoke the Buddha in his great Fire Sermon. The house he speaks of here is the human body; the three fires that burn it are Desire/Thirst, Anger and Delusion. They are all kinds of energy and are called ‘fires’ because, untamed, they can rage through us and hurt us and other people too! Properly calmed through spiritual training, however, they can be transformed into the genuine warmth of real humanity.

“The three fires that burn within each of us possess the power to illuminate us out of our ignorance or consume us to cinders and ashes” – The Buddha

Peace and Love, Jim

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