Many people claim to have matured as they reached adulthood. However, actions are louder than words. You can only say that you are a mature person if you consistently behave and think as one. If you want to evaluate whether you have really mature or not yet, here are some clear signs of a mature person to look for in yourself:

  • Meet Deadlines
  • Honors Commitments
  • Has A Grateful Heart 
  • Fulfills Promises
  • Open-Minded 
  • Can Take Criticisms Constructively
  • Not Fond Of Making Excuses
  • Talks Less But Listens More
  • Not Easily Offended
  • Can Laugh At One’s Self 
  • Respects Others’ Differences
  • Knows Priorities
  • Does Not Compete With Others
  • Finishes Whatever Is Started
  • Does Not Take Advantage Of Others
  • Celebrates The Success Of Others
  • Can Stay Peaceful And Calm
  • Willing To Make Sacrifices For The Greater Good
  • Shares Blessings With Others
  • Rather Talks About Ideas Than People
  • Knows Limitations
  • Stays Focused And Consistent
  • Teachable And Accepts Corrections
  • Keeps Feet On The Ground

Age is not the best factor of maturity. Some people stay immature even in old age. On the other hand, there are even youths who show more maturity than adults. So, what makes a person mature? Maturity is often the result of learning life lessons and deciding to apply them in life. These lessons are often caused by hardships and the kind of environment that one lives in. Therefore, if you want to be mature, you need to learn from your past mistakes and your environment. Then, make sure to live your life according to the wisdom you get from them.

Peace and Love, Jim

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