“Your true home is in the here and the now. Life is available only in the present moment.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Anxiety, overwhelm, depression, worry, comparison, guilt, reaction, fear, they all come from our habit of living either in the past or worrying about a future we’re uncertain of. Either we’re replaying the events of the past, feeling guilt or judging ourselves for some way we’ve been. Or, we’re worrying, making up stories about a future we’re uncertain of. Both habits take us out of the present moment. And, the present moment is the only place where we have the potential to change how we feel about the past, or how we will be in the future.

Simple Three Minute Daily Practice

  1. Sit somewhere quietly where you won’t be disturbed (too much).

    I suggest sitting in your favorite spot in your home or in your yard or a local park (if it’s open to the public and you’re complying with your local social distancing requirements).

    Settle your body by sitting in a chair or on a comfortable pillow or cushion on the floor. Or, find a patch of grass, some leaves, a stone or a tree trunk to sit upon.

    Turn your focus inward by closing your eyes or having a gentle gaze toward the ground.

  2. You can do a walking version of this practice too.

    If you are in a space where you can walk while respecting social distancing to your fellow humans, this is a great way to practice presence.

  3. Ask yourself this question:

    When you’re ready, ask yourself either aloud or internally, whichever is most comfortable for you:

What am I being offered right now? Answer this question using everything present in the current moment. Using what’s available to you in the present moment, answer yourself. Continue to ask the question and answer it again and again for the next few minutes. You can continue for as long as you’d like: from three to five to up to 10 minutes if you need it.

Wrap up and move on. Do not think on it any longer. As you end your day, return, reflect and ask yourself this: Of all the amazing benefits and gifts I have and receive each day, am I taking full advantage of them or backwashing such small beautiful moments with fear, discourse and distrust? These are not just answers, they are you.

Peace and Love, Jim

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