On Path. . .

We speak to great extents here on the topic of “paths.” Your path, my path, our path, the path. Regardless of our definitions or destinations we will each need the skills to hold the path.

Here a few key practices to insuring the steps on your path for actually taking you along. 

Caring – If you care about what you do you’ll apply yourself to it. If you really care about others you’ll put your all into them. Caring is the cutting edge of personal (and social) evolution. The more you care, the more you’ll be attuned to your next steps.

Health – Health is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is also the key to lasting forward momentum. It is true that you can burn bright for a while without a foundation of health, but keep going on in this way and eventually you’ll burnout. Sacrificing health is a senseless act. by its very nature life requires a solid base of health.

Humility – Once you think you know enough you cease to keep knowing. Once you think you’re good enough you cease to keep getting better. But there is always more to know. Always room to get better. Without humility there can be no growth.

Stress – In a scientific sense, stress stimulates growth. Without stress living organisms don’t adapt, they don’t change. So on some level we need stress. But the benefits of stress (yes, the benefits) is only beneficial if it is in the right dose and you have the capacity to absorb, grow and release it. The stress of a test or the stress of helping your child take their first steps are solid examples of positive. Stress is only valuable when it’s followed up by rest.

Rest – regardless of the path you walk you will not get far without rest. Rest is key to more parts of life than society would have us honor. So rest, you are the only one who will make it happen.

Consistency – Show up even when you don’t want to. Doing so makes a better journey and a better you. 

Confidence – Confidence isn’t something that you have or you don’t. It’s not something you’re born with. Confidence is something you build. It’s the result of many efforts, many failures and many triumphs. Be present, be available and confidence will come.

Drive – Drive equals pursuit. Drive at its best it is fueled by love. Drive must be channeled. It can be productive, beautiful and engaging when pointed to the right path. Yet it can be destructive and diminishing when fueled by the wrong energy for the wrong reasons.  Drive is truly and inside job. comes from within. It’s an inside job.

Patience – Patience is letting things happen instead of always making them happen. Not to be confused with passivity, patience is about persistence. It’s about surrendering to a process and being present as it unfolds.

Acceptance – You’ve got to be honest with yourself. Even bigger is to be ok with your what you find. Acceptance does not mean doing nothing but rather acknowledging and starting where you are. Right here, right now where you are. Because if you don’t start where you are, where will you be starting from?

Presence – In many ways, presence is synonymous with performance. When you are fully there – completely immersed in your path, you are almost always at your best. Practicing presence leads to a better body of work and a richer, more textured life.

Vulnerability – Why are you doing what you’re doing? What are you seeking? What could you be doing better? Are you open to receiving help? Answering these questions and being vulnerable  is uncomfortable. But being uncomfortable leads to growth.

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path. – The Buddha

Peace and Love, Jim

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