Just as every person alive, you are a unique individual with unique talents and gifts to offer to the world.

Unfortunately, society has suppressed our individuality since the day we were born. We’ve been programmed to doubt ourselves and conform to what is considered as normal. This, however, prevents us from embracing ourselves and creating our own path in life, which is causing us immense emotional pain.

From today, distance yourself from the herd mentality and start paying attention to your inner voice — doing so will allow you to follow your calling and live the way you truly want to live. A great way to deprogram yourself from the herd mentality is to focus your attention on creativity.
We’re all born creative, but slowly slowly our creativity has been suppressed so much that we’ve almost forgotten that we’re creative beings. To be creative means to think outside the box and see life from different perspectives. Most importantly, to be creative means to find out new ways of living and realize that you have the power to manifest the kind of life you desire.

It has been well said, that as humans we think in herds; it can be seen though that many a species suffers from herd mentality, while the stronger of the pacts recover their senses slowly, in solitude, one by one. – Charles McKay

Peace and Love, Jim

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