Practice. . .
During ancient times, in cultures throughout the world, it was common practice for farmers to give a portion of their crop as an offering to their deity of worship. Some years, their crops were great and they had much to give. Other years were so lean, they may have had only a few grains to place on their altar. But they gave what they could from their hearts. There will be days when we may feel that our practice is worth three measly grains. No matter – if we offer it with our hearts, without attachment to what is or isn’t, we can feel at peace. When we are unattached to our efforts, errors can be places where we start anew. Practice is becoming innocent like children, seeing ourselves, our bodies, and others for the first time, every time. Every moment is a new beginning and a new opportunity. Then, like a young child trying to somersault on the fresh-cut grass, rather than seeking perfection we start to see the joy of the practice. Life can be an expansive, delightful, and adventurous practice, not perfection.
Peace and Love, Jim
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