The two universal laws of impermanence are uncertainty and unpredictability. When life changes unexpectedly, we can often feel off balance, insecure, and unclear of what really matters and/or what to do next. This is normal. What can support us to reclaim our life and tap into our internal wisdom is re-asserting our strength of mind and heart.

Mindfulness and compassion are two important qualities that increase our resilience. At this pivotal time in our world, we need to cultivate both. Mindfulness allows us to see things as they are and turn toward challenges. We can turn toward the uncertainty and difficult feelings around the US presidential election, we can turn toward the devastating truth of climate change, we can turn toward the pleasant and unpleasant with greater wisdom and thus freedom. Compassion is “being with” the suffering of oneself and the other with a fierce heart. Compassion in action has the ability to heal and transform oneself and thus the world into a place that takes the welfare of all beings into consideration.

When is a time that you realized that you gave away your power?

We have all had experiences where we spoke honestly about our feelings and needs and it was judged or dismissed—or even worse, resulted in love and/or support taken away. Based on these experiences, some of us move into people-pleasing behaviors and often say yes or nothing at all, when we really want to say no. As a result, we don’t assert or claim what we authentically feel and need, and thus we give away our power.

I have found that when we lead ourselves with greater authenticity we feel more empowered in our life.

Here are two mindful inquiries you can explore during our worldwide challenges:

How do I give away my power?
• When I listen to the critical and judgmental thoughts that disempower my worth, potential, and abilities.

• When I am going too fast.

• When I say yes, when I really mean no, or not yet.

• When I don’t listen to my feelings and needs.

• When I don’t stick up for myself and share my feelings and needs with others.

• When I am not taking good care of myself with exercise, meditation, nutrition,
connection, sleep, self-care, etc.

How do I feel empowered?
• When I slow down.

• When I ask for support.

• When I really listen and then take care and support my feelings and needs in action.

• When I share my truth in a kind and skillful way.

• When I claim my inherent good worth, kindness, and competence in the world.

• When I surround myself with people who love and accept me for me.

• When I spend time in nature.

• When I engage in healthy practices that nourish my mind, body, and heart like exercise, sleep, healthy food, connection, play, learning, and meditation.
• When I feel engaged in a community or group with a shared goal or intention.

• When I feel on purpose in my life.

• When I am creating.

• When I am helping others.

Daily Power Practice

When we feel more empowered, we have the capacity to better stand up for what we feel and need. Try this practice to feel powerful in all areas of your life;

• Close your eyes and let your awareness turn inward to your breathing and the sensations in your body.
• Breathe deeply from your belly for 1-5 minutes until you feel your body and mind relax.
• Connect to the power within you and outside of you by imagining your breath flowing into the top of your scalp and through your body to the bottom of your feet.
• Think of a time during the last few days when you gave away your power.

Do a scan of your body from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, what do you notice? Where is the body feeling tightness or tension? Allow whatever to arise to be greeted with acceptance. Turn toward all physical sensations with kindness and allowing. What emotion is present: fear, anger, and/or confusion? All emotions are welcome.

• What is the story you are telling yourself?
• Now ask yourself: “How old is this part of you that believes/is experiencing this story?
• Tell yourself, “I transform and let go.” You are letting go of this thought so that it has no power over you.

Open your eyes and shake it off. Do a few movements in your body to somatically discharge any old, disempowering beliefs that do not serve you. Now bring awareness to your belly, connect to your strength, the talents that you have been cultivating for years, your resilience, and your good worth. Feel the many ways that you are a powerful person. What new and empowered thought can you feel right now?

As you move into the rest of your day, come back to the wise and strong person that you are. Connect to this place in your mind and heart and stand from that spot. Our strength may not seem like much, but when combined with determination and understanding we can move not only ourselves but the world in a better direction for us all.

Peace and Love, Jim

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