The writer Goethe was known for being an unflagging optimist. We have many other optimistic minds throughout our history and in many regards most achieved much for their age, circumstances or location. So how were these people able to maintain such optimism?

One word – Optimism

But lets not just think of optimism has a just a concept. Make it a verb, put it into action, always be actively engaged with your life; moment by moment. When we actively engage life with a optimistic attitude we prevent the first obstacle to putting optimism into motion and that is stagnation. Goethe writes: “It is better to do the smallest thing in the world than to hold half an hour to be too small a thing.”

So pay attention to the small moments in life, apply optimism as a action to frame your response to the many moments you are to encounter. Spending just a few seconds with each thought, action and moment to see how we can apply our optimism can be its own presnence that can completely change our lives.

Peace and Love, Jim

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