The doctrine that Buddha taught was an analytical ethico-psychology based on the principles of development and causality. Buddhism did not deny the devatas of other religions but they were viewed as having a non-realistic power and brought under the operation of the law of cause and effect. – There is no permanency but change.

From the minutest atom to the highest heavens everything is becoming. It comes in to being.. stays for a time and passes away, like the volume of water in the flowing stream. The human being from the state of the conscious germ when it is first conceived in the mother’s womb is undergoing change every moment evolving from one stage into another. It is not the same, not another, inasmuch as there is neither annihilation nor an absolute permanency. There is no known beginning of matter or spirit. Every living being is spiritual, and immortal in the sense that there is no absolute death or annihilation.

This is the concept of rebirth and is a quite remarkable realization for a man who lived in 563 BCE!

There’s a rebirth that goes on with us continuously as human beings. Boredom is a strange condition when you view the world and yourself as constantly changing and moving. Yes we can be depressed, lost or misguided, but the bigger picture should always put boredom to rest. We are beautiful ever changing parts of nature and just a s flower grows and shares it beauty briefly only to pass and become fertilizer and seed for the next generation – we too should grow, blossom and seed the future.

Peace and Love, Jim

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