Modern life is fraught with all kinds of tension and stress. Very often it is tension and stress that creates problems in many area of our life, both known and unknown. This can include everything from our time with family, to co-workers and social groups.If a proper analysis is made into the root causes of such short comings we inevitably discover that it is due mainly to a lack of patience, tolerance and mutual understanding. In the Sigalovada Sutta, the Buddha gives good advice on how to maintain peace and harmony in the social sectors of the world and marriage. Responsibilities must basically become useful guidelines for the attainment of a happy home, happy family and happy social engagements.

We can near deny the truth that that much of this life is solely on us the individual, but we cannot deny the concept of a partnership with nature, the world and other individuals. When we can understand and utilize this perspective we begin to enrich and enhanced the conditions involved to grow. In the Buddhist perspective, a relationship with anyone or anything means understanding and respecting it to from a perspective of appreciation and learning.

Where does all this begin?

You guessed it. . .presence.

The present time is most opportune time to shift the gears of the mind into new approaches, to quickly engage the mind and realize a little more power for actively engaging the world. This is the basic means to provide the followers of the Buddhist religion, in particular the young, with a clear understanding of life’s important matters like love, understanding, respect and fearless presence which will not only help all to live a happy life but also assist them to lead peaceful and contented lives.

Peace and Love, Jim

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