For one day, step out of the auto-pilot dictated by time, and step into the reality of just being rather than constantly “doing” because time says you should.

Consider this for a moment:

How many times have you eaten a meal purely based on the fact that the clock said it was time to do so?

How many times have you gone to bed because the clock said it was time to sleep, yet tossed and turned because you weren’t really tired?

How many times have you watched the news with little enthusiasm, but done so because it was six o clock?

Stepping out of time removes the dictation, the striving to keep up, the wanting to always be somewhere because the time tells you that you should be there. Doing so will give you back your freedom. For one day, don’t live by the clock – live by the moment.

– Eat when you feel hungry

– Sleep when you feel tired

– Paint that picture

– Write that poem

– Start reading that book

– Play spontaneously with the kids

– Be spontaneously affectionate with your partner

– Drop in unannounced on an old friend

– Call your parents out of the blue

– Spend time watching nature

– Feed the birds

– Stare at the stars

Whatever you do, just live life, without the restraint and pressure of time. The rest is up to you.

Peace and Love, Jim

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