The benefits of building resilience are tremendous. Having resilience makes you mentally tough, helps you to recognize your unique strength, increases your life satisfaction, and improves your relationships with others. The abilities to be resilient in face of adversities turn the difficult experience of life into the catalyst for speeding up the growth of life with improved knowledge and courage. As people react differently to adversities so the approach to build resilience may not work for you what works for another person. That is why building resilience is a personal journey towards the ability to positively overcoming setbacks. Although building resilience is very much personal, here are few tips, which may help you in your effort to tackle difficult situations and to be more resilient:

STAY POSITIVE – Although adversities make you feel sad, indecisive, depressed, frustrated, and worried about future but staying positive in difficult circumstances helps you to dedicate your total attention at the present moment to visualize silver lining in this tough situation. It is the positive thoughts that create a beliefs system in you needed to cope with adversities appropriately. If you stay positive in the face of adversities, you look at adversities as a challenge to learn valuable lesson and at the same time ensure your progress instead of allowing it to halt the growth of your life. So stay positive in the face of adversities to chart out your own path to overcome it and realize what you want in your live.

TAKE A DETACHED PERSPECTIVE – Adversities can make you feel upset, depressed, hopeless and hold you back if you get too much emotionally attached with it by analyzing the situations time and again and its effect on your lives. To overcome adversities, you need undivided attention to figure out best possible solutions not only to counter it but make use of it to progress in life but your focus gets blurred when you get emotionally attached with adversities. That is why, if you do want to be resilient enough to overcome adversities, you need to take a detached perspective to think about problems and visualize effective solutions to get over it, rather than being emotionally attached with the adversities.

MANAGE YOUR EMOTIONS – To build resilience, you need to manage your emotions effectively whenever you come face to face with the challenges of life. The fact is that, adversity is a part of life, whether you like it or not, but you have to face it sooner or later because you cannot eradicate it from your life altogether. In the face of adversities, it is your choice either to get worried, caught up in the mode of self-pity and to succumb to grief or face adversities head on to overcome it and to build resilience. Being worried over the outcome of adversities on which you do not have control, makes you feel helpless and ruins your self-confidence to take action for the betterment of your life. So you have to learn the art of tackling adversities, which are in your control, to your advantage to strengthen your mental toughness and to build resilience.

CHANGE YOUR REACTIONS – Adversities are part and parcel of everyone’s life. Everyone has to face their own share of adversities in some form or other. It is not possible for anyone to avoid the challenges of life altogether so it is better to develop capabilities to overcome it. To overcome difficulties in life, you need to keep in mind that it is easy to change your reactions towards challenges of life, as it is in your control than changing the circumstances which are beyond your control. So change your reactions towards adversities from visualizing it as an obstacle across the path of life journey to as an opportunity to learn and grow.

BUILD SUPPORT SYSTEM – Having a support system of friend, family, relatives, or colleague to fall back on when you face adversities helps you to become more resilient. These are the people who encourage you to take action to overcome adversities in your life. So you need to invest time to build a support system to ease the burden of adversities by sharing your emotion to them and taking input from them to overcome the difficult phase of your life. As adversities do not spare anyone, you will be surprised to know that someone from your support systems has already successfully dealt with the approximately similar kind of challenges in their live. You never know a simple advice of someone helps you not only to overcome adversities smoothly but to move forward in life confidently.

Hence, the key to happiness and progress in life lies in your ability to overcome adversities smoothly and at the earliest to be able to scale to greater heights in your life and understanding. The fact is that everyone has to face some form of adversities sooner or later in their lives but the person who is resilient bounces back strongly with more enthusiasm and self-confidence to climb the ladder of success. Resilient people do not only think about surviving but thrive by turning the adversities into an opportunity for their personal growth. So to build resilience, you need to see adversities as a challenge that gives opportunities to discover your true potential and to take action on your most desired goals to give meaning to your life.

Peace and Love, Jim

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