Resilience. . .

One of the most sane and apt decisions you can make for yourself is to strive towards continuous self-development.

Some of the things that we all want include: enhancing the quality of our lives, understanding more, becoming better people, and trying to be a better version of ourselves. That’s why we set personal development goals in our lives.

One of the under utilized and misunderstood concepts along our path is resilience. Resilience is the innate ability to overcome any kind of adversity. It is the difference between feeling helpless and facing your problems confidently and bravely. You must always learn how to bounce back from any kind of problem; it will only help you to emerge as a stronger individuals.

The human capacity for resilience is like bamboo- far more flexible than you’d ever believe at first glance. It is really wonderful how much resilience there is in human nature. Let any obstructing cause, no matter what, be presented in almost anyway, even by death, and we discover our resilience and become very in tune with the principles of hope, grace and understanding.

Peace and Love, Jim

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