Limits. . .

Life has its limits in many ways. Some limits are physical and we learn to work with or around them. However the bulk of our limits are mental and the good news is these are the limits each of us can work with and overcome.

Limiting beliefs hinders our progress by keeping us caught up in our comfort zone and prevents us from trying out new things and stops us from tacking risks for the fear of failure or getting hurt in the process. We can have limiting beliefs about almost anything ranging from money, relationship, success, and more. It is important to identify our limiting beliefs, conquer them, and reinstate them with positive beliefs that enable us to achieve our dreams in life.

We can accomplish more by accepting our limitations and starting from there, rather than depleting our energy wishing we were somewhere else. Self-pity and giving up are the biggest obstacles for most. Challenging our limitations can be scary. We’ll feel discouraged at times. But if you feel drawn to doing something despite the challenges, your successes will be that much sweeter. Giving up can lead to boredom or depression or that great denial of our true selves 

Either embrace your limits and learn to work with them or suffocate and stagnate in your comfort.

Peace and Love, Jim

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