Attitude. . .

Your attitude defines who you are as a person and it the identification point of the state of your mind. You must constantly work on your attitude and strive to make it one conducive for growth. A positive mental attitude can move mountains for you. It helps you to achieve what your want from life.

We simply to embrace and develop our growth mindset.

The growth mindset is the belief that skills and intelligence can be improved with effort and deliberate practice. People with a growth or an open mindset embrace challenges, overcome obstacles, learn from criticism, and seek out inspiration in others’ success.

People with this mindset are not discouraged by failure. Moreover, they don’t actually see themselves as failing even when things go south. Instead, they see themselves as learning (which I have written about often). Remember, adopting the growth mindset means thinking critically about your ability to learn and grow. Let go of the idea of perfection in favor of an attitude that embraces lifelong learning.

Peace and Love, Jim

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