The time to awaken to your true potential has arrived. Do not do yourself an injustice and confine yourself to a life of mediocrity. You must get started on a new path, the path that is less travelled by the majority. You have to wake up and awaken your mind to the limitless possibilities that exist out there for you by awakening from within. Hasn’t the time come for you to chase your dreams? Hasn’t the time come for you to be the person that you truly want to be? And hasn’t the time come for you to live life on your terms?

The awakening of your mind will only come about by you taking action in the direction of your dreams. Stop being afraid and living a timid life. Awaken to your greatness, your drive, your hunger, your motivation, your ambition, your desire, your discipline, and your perseverance. You are more powerful than you can fathom, you have the power to dictate how you truly want to live your life. Don’t be fooled into conformity and resigning yourself into a life that is not the one that you want to live. Every day you have two choices, you can either wake up and pursue your dreams or wake up and live like a slave. What are you going to choose?

The world looks at the dreamers as if they are strange, but the strange ones are those who do nothing with their days. The 9-5 life is not living, its just another habit. People who are ambitious work 365 days a week and choose to explore and expand life. You can learn anything, you can do anything, you can be anything, and you can be as happy as your wisdom allows. Make the choice to live out your goals, make the choice to live life on your terms and make the choice to be who you truly want to be.

The greatest disappointment in life shall be when you come to the realisation at the end that you did not do what you truly wanted to do, but you lived your whole life in fear and wastefulness. Don’t waste your days engaging in meaningless activities, use the time that you have to focus on the major six as I call it (spirituality, health, family, love, and happiness). Every day you should be moving toward your goals in these key areas, if you are not, then you are not serious about the attainment of success.

Make time every single day for what matters most, for that will move your life in the direction that you want to go. Take a look and see, what are you doing with your days to get you to where you want to be? The current mindsets will have believing It’s ok to be terrified in this world, it’s ok to be overworked, it’s ok to not chase your dreams, and it’s ok to resign yourself to mediocrity forever. These are the simple deceits that the world will try to impose upon you and comfort you by saying it will be ok. 

Yet deep inside, we know better. . .

Self-education and action is what awakens your mind to the greatness that resides within you. The time has arrived for you to surround yourself with champions, to spend your days engaging in success, to try more things, to be bolder, to be fearless, to be decisive, to be hungry, to be determined, and to be focused on taking yourself to where you can truly go. Awaken your mind to awaken your life, the life that is within you that is yearning to be brought out into the world. Everyone comes into the world with their own unique gifts and talents that can impact the world and make a positive difference, do not just go through life living someone else’s life. Embrace the greatness that is within you and step forward and let the light that shines within you light up the world.

The time to awaken to your greatest life is now, these moments that you have in front of you shall never return. So live your dreams, and impact the world in an unimaginable way that you never thought possible. And remember this, you can do this, believe and succeed. Work hard and you can have anything, if others have done it so can you.

Today and every day is just such a day, THE day, make it happen!
Peace and Love, Jim
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