Buddhism in our modern world still stands as a universal truth regardless of time. . .

The core Buddhist philosophy is very relevant for today. The Buddha always encouraged open discussion which included differing viewpoints. He encouraged the individual at the same time as teaching compassion for all men, and was very democratic in his style. Buddhism is also relevant for the scientific and technological era in which we now live. Albert Einstein is quoted as saying “if there is any religion that would cope with modern scientific needs it would be Buddhism”. The emphasis on the clarity of thought, of seeing and understanding, and of being aware of constant change are all fundamentals of a scientific approach.

Buddhism offers a path, which provides guidelines for everyday living and for a caring approach to the environment. It shows us the way to live in harmony with others and the world we live in.

Wake up: the revolution began 2,500 years ago, when Siddhartha Gautama, emerged victorious over suffering in the battle with his own mind. But, as most things tend to be with time, the spiritual
revolution that Sid started, which we now call Buddhism, has been utilized to show the causes of suffering and confusion within each of us. Buddhism encourages us to take the wheel and steer our life and hearts according to practical knowledge, understanding and compassion. It was and IS a revolution for anyone who takes up the practice and looks within.

“My call for a spiritual revolution is thus not a call for a religious revolution. Nor is it a reference to a way of life that is somehow other-worldly, still less to something magical or mysterious. Rather, it is a call for a radical re-orientation away from our habitual preoccupation with self towards concern for the wider community of beings with whom we are connected, and for conduct which recognizes others’ interests alongside our own.” – His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

Peace and Love, Jim

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