Lets continue our thinking on mindsets today (see yesterdays post if you missed it) and quickly peruse the concepts of abundance and scarcity.

In life, we can be focused either on what we have or on what we lack. A simple observation, but consider this small detail –  it’s hard to be focused on both. If we focus on what we have, our opportunities, our lessons learned and a quality mindset, then we have the abundance mindset. If we tend to focus on what was, what we lost and how hard and unfair life is then we have the scarcity mindset. It’s that simple. To go a little bit more into detail: with the scarcity mentality we focus on what we lack, how life is unfair, how we can’t get what we want, how it’s never enough, and so on. If you focus on the negative in life, you will only get more of the negative. This is certainly not a area deserving of focus and it’s an even worse way of thinking and perceiving life.

Consequently, the scarcity mindset leads to severe competitiveness, desire to control other people and other negative behaviors that end up in nothing but unhappiness. That’s why we have to look at our life from a different angle, from a different mindset – the abundance mindset. You need to shift your focus, and your life will also switch to a more positive story. The abundance mindset means seeing all the possibilities the world has to offer in order to create, connect, grow and enjoy and, what’s even more/even more importantly, knowing that you deserve love and prosperity and realizing that if you’d experience only plentitude in life, it would be boring as hell and you wouldn’t appreciate anything you have at all (abundance is not about having it all but about focusing on what you have).

Opportunities always exist, there is always a way to go forward, and you always have things that you can be grateful for. The world is full of abundance; you just have to see it. Unfortunately, it’s often much easier to lock yourself into an emotional cage and whine than to seize opportunities available to you. Well, if you have problems with seeing all the opportunities the world has to offer to you, it’s time for a mindset update.

Peace and Love, Jim

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