Bigger Energies. . .

It has been election time for most Americans and I don’t think Im stretching the truth when I say we are all most likely tired of the commercials, the points they make and the divisiveness they create.

Despite this time or moment It’s not possible to ‘legislate’ human nature. Are the systemic laws, biases and opinions based on them a reflection of the hearts and life conditions of the people who make up this world? we know and understand the goal but are we on course? Are we really focused on the changes needed?

Peoples hearts need to change; OUR hearts need to change. Our minds and hearts need to envision truths and systems that honor all and our common journeys and shared experiences. Yes we have had problems for lifetimes, but we have also seen many of those problems reduced if not eliminated. I’m not talking overnight changes but the slow steady mediation and energies to minds that serve all.

So, honor the shared experiences. The good, the bad and the amazing. Keep taking positive actions forward. Seek and be kosen-rufu. Create the attitude that is needed within yourself and your actions. This approach will create lasting, fundamental change for all.

Peace and Love, Jim

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