Open Up. . .

When we live our lives mindfully we engage our everyday circumstances from a simple yet powerful perspective: We are open. Without rehearsals, we are awake and available, precise in our conduct, and familiar with our feelings and instincts. Our mind, body and physical setting synchronize, and our lives become both art and science, spontaneous and planned, relaxing and demanding.

By being open, we discover the little moments cannot be taken for granted. Our jobs, tools, friends and strangers all share and display a lively part of our lives that weave themselves through each moment in all directions. We discover that not only are we open, but that our situations are profoundly open as well: vivid, inviting and playful.

Being open requires nothing more than simply being human, being curious about the world and moments we encounter (or choose not to encounter). Just noticing a fall leaf tumbling to the pavement or the steam gently rising from a hot cup of tea can immediately remind us of the natural open state of life. We simply must remember to do what we naturally did as children, to stop, notice and be curious, then suddenly we see that our world, indeed our lives are energetically happening happening with or without us. . we only need to be present and simply acknowledge what happens next.

Have a beautiful day and be open to each moment. Not being open to something does not make it go away, it only makes you uninvolved.

Peace and Love, Jim

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