Finding Your Way. . .

A marvelous lesson appeared for me over my weekend. While working around the loft, I startled a large moth, which, upon spreading it’s wings, displayed a bright red “tail” hidden by the motley brown wings, more a “butterfly” than a moth. It flew immediately to its perceived escape, a window where it frantically tried to exit thru the invisible wall of closed glass.

Hating to see anything suffer I started opening doors and raising windows in hopes of aiding it’s escape. This only caused it to fly higher and higher and become entangled in a spider web. Fearful that it would remain entangled in the web, I selected a long-handled broom to assist him escaping the tangled threads. At this, he returned to furiously pumping his wings and banging into the glass, which was, in his perspective, the pathway of escape, but remained his cage.

What was my lesson here? That we often fixate so much on one way, one idea, one path that we become oblivious to all else. In the case of my moth friend, by simply turning his focus to one side, he would have easily found the exit to his prison. Rather, due to his intent on one direction, he remained confined, captive (I did finally free the exhausted creature).

Have a great morning and remember, A mind is like a parachute, It only functions when opened.

Peace and Love, Jim

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