Blinded By The Light. . .

Back in my days of being in a band and traveling throughout various cities always offered plenty of opportunities to meet interesting new people and learn something along the way.

Once on a several night tour in one city I had gotten to know two skinheads (not the nazi type, the old school punk rocker types). One of them was blind and the other often acted as his guide and companion. Their relationship was close but quite comical most of the time and you rarely saw one without the other.

It had gotten late one night after a show and the one skinhead who still had his vIsion had gotten really drunk and passed out. The other one had drank as well but was sober enough that he wanted to go home, which was just a few blocks away. As he donned his coat and prepared to walk home i wondered how he would make it without his friend. About that time he asked the club owner for a flashlight. Why carry a flashlight?” asked the club owner. You won’t see any better with it. No, said the blind one, but others will see me better, and not bump into me. So the owner gave the blind skinhead a flashlight.

Off he went with the flashlight and being wrapped up for the night I decided to quietly follow along to make sure he was ok (and see how he fared on his walk home). Before he had even gotten a half block from the club “Crack!” – he walked right into a another person. The blind skinhead immediately got very angry. Why don’t you look out? he stormed. Don’t you see this flashlight? Why don’t you turn it on? asked the person.

It just goes to show no matter how compassionate we may be about helping someone, they must first want to help themselves. After a good laugh I let him know I was there and we safely navigated the rest of the short walk home with flashlight on of course.

Have a great day and help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.

Peace and Love, Jim

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