Maybe it’s the life lessons I was forced to learn the hard way, or the toll of loss and failure I endured in my youth, but over a decade ago, in the midst of a panic attack on my 27th birthday, I had to admit to myself right then and there that the youthful world of possibility I once felt now seemed dead inside me.  I wanted to feel light and free and ambitious and passionate again, but I didn’t know how.  Luckily, I had a wise group in my life who gave me some good advice. They told me that they could still see a positive, passionate young man inside of me, but that I needed to do some soul searching to reconnect myself to life.

As I took heed of this advice, I remembered that I used to have two quotes written on post-it notes hanging on my bedroom wall when I was younger:

  • “Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in your journey.”
  • “Don’t be scared to walk alone down the path less traveled, and don’t be scared to love every minute of it.”

I also took tiny steps, day in and day out, until I knew I was finally moving down the right path again.  For anyone else who feels stuck and without a real sense of how to take the next step forward, I offer the following suggestion – one day, one step at a time and the first step anyone should take is self respect and believe in your abilities to change.  They are actionable lessons that kept me moving forward when I decided it was time for a change.  And although these strategies are based on my personal experiences, they’ve now also been vetted by their extensive use in hundreds of coaching sessions by many professionals across many disciplines.

Again – One day, one step at a time and the first step is self respect and believing in your abilities for growth and change.

Peace and Love, Jim

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