Today lets put aside concepts of buddhism, spirituality and religion all together, lets simply look at being nothing beyond human today.

Just pause on that for a moment. . .

Now from your human only perspective what is the single (yes just one) thing you CAN control, CAN update and CAN reap the benefits from?

Your Mind.

Everything is within your power and your power is within you.

The most important attitude or mindset you can have is one of growth. With a mindset upgrade centered around growth you open the doors for all other shifts or updates in your life. Repeat that last sentence a few times –  the big distinguishing factor in your happiness and ultimately your success in life (as defined by you) lies in wether you have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. So what’s the difference?

A fixed mindset is basically the belief or attitude that life, the roles you play in it and the potential of it all is basically untouchable or unchangeable – think written in stone or destiny. On the other hand, a growth mindset is one of belief that you can improve your understanding and life situation by working on yourself. With the growth mindset, you see that little in life is fixed and that you too can always grow, shift and change to make life better now by simply being open to growth process.

The fixed mindset leads to avoiding any challenges and failure, trying to look smart at any cost instead of learning, self-labeling, being defensive, blaming others and other unproductive behaviors. The growth mindset leads towards constantly undertaking new challenges, being focused on learning and personal growth, trying new things and learning from failure, persisting through obstacles, and so on. With the fixed mindset, you try to maximize what is “given to you”, which often includes faking things, trampling others and ugly manipulation, just to name a few bad things. With the growth mindset, you don’t need that, because you know that hard and smart work will make your efforts pay off sooner or later.

Change everything about YOUR life that cannot be accepted. Accept everything about YOUR life that cannot be changed and move on with LIFE instead of against it.

Peace and Love, Jim

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