Scratch Fear. . .

The basic reason why so many of us believe and follow the dogmas of a society and religions is fear.

What are we afraid of? We fear many things, but all of our fears ultimately come down to one basic fear: the fear of death — that is, the fear of temporarity, insubstantiality, emptiness.

We all deep down sense our transience. The ego that we have worked on so hard to build is inevitably going to dissolve and disappear at any point in time. Afraid to consciously accept this gut feeling, we desperately try to find something to cling on to — something to console us that we’ll keep on living forever, no matter what that “something” might be.

It’s not that religions don’t have any important spiritual lessons to offer — they do have, some — but to follow them on belief alone is nothing but idiotic and can only result in making your life — and most likely the lives of those around you — worse. Attachment to ideologies — whether religious or otherwise — has caused tremendous harm to the world, and unless we let go of them, we are bound to experience further suffering, both on an individual and a collective level.

Our fear has entrapped us, making us mindlessly believe in things that fill our lives with pain and misery. To escape from this psychological prison and effectively deal with life’s problems, we need to question our beliefs and start our quest for truth from scratch, no matter how hard that might be.

Peace and Love, Jim

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