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In our society, most people don’t seem to spend any time all alone, in silence, doing nothing but enjoying their own presence. They are continuously doing something or being with someone, distracting themselves in all sorts of ways to avoid experiencing a moment of aloneness. So, why is that?

Because they are not at peace with themselves.

If we don’t face our inner world, we’ll never find peace with ourselves. We’ll always be insecure, anxious, depressed. That’s why, no matter how painful coming in contact with our deeper selves might be, we need to gather courage in our hearts to take a look within. Then our life will be totally transformed, in an incredibly positive way.

Here are some ways spending time alone will improve your life:

  • You’ll feel unburdened from toxic, repressed emotions.
  • You’ll be more in tune with your emotional world.
  • You’ll better understand yourself.
  • You’ll make friends with your past.
  • You’ll be more mindful of the present moment.
  • You’ll be able to make more conscious choices.
  • You’ll feel less lonely.
  • You’ll be less stressed and more calm.
  • You’ll feel less afraid and more secure.
  • You’ll be more honest with yourself and others.
  • You’ll find peace with yourself and the world.

To reap all those healing benefits, you need to make some space for yourself. So, every day, make it a habit to spend some time on your own (I’d recommend at least thirty minutes). Go to a quiet room in your house, sit on a chair or lie on your bed, turn off any electronic devices and let the people close to you know that during this time you don’t want to be disturbed. This is not necessarily meditation, its personal presence. So think, reminisce and just take some time for you!

What most people are afraid of is to encounter their emotional traumas. But when you are all alone, doing nothing but being attentive, it’s natural that repressed memories will jump into your conscious awareness, and it’s very likely that they will awaken a lot of emotions. Those emotions might make you burst into tears and agitate your mind. When, however, all these memories and emotions are brought into the light of consciousness, a healing process starts taking place. The divided mind begins to come together. The darker side of your psyche merges with the brighter one. And through that process, you start experiencing inner harmony. You start feeling physically relaxed, emotionally cleansed and mentally refreshed. You become revitalized, reborn into a healthier state of being.

Then, you will not want to shut yourself from life or be distracted by unimportant things — on the contrary, you’ll be able to experience life to the fullest, without feeling chained to the burdensome fears of your past.

Peace and Love, Jim

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