Positive Truth. . .

Do not be afraid to accept ugly truths, and never be afraid to reject beautiful lies.

Unfortunately, the wide majority of us (and by “us” I mean “humans”) doesn’t hesitate for a moment to accept lies that are beautiful and reject truths that are ugly. That’s because ugly truths remind us of serious life problems that we need to resolve, and to do so we need to go through a lot of hardship and pain. And who likes to experience hardship and pain?

So we tend to avoid facing our problems. And what’s the best way to do so? To not look at them at all, in a desperate effort to fool ourselves that they don’t exist.

It’s no wonder, therefore, that so many people buy into the philosophy of “positive thinking”. They want to hear beautiful lies that will make them feel that everything’s alright, and hence that they needn’t stress about anything. And since we are living in a world where money is the ruling force, of course there are going to be some cunning individuals who are willing to sell “positive thinking” and exploit others’ insecurities for their financial gain.

Personally, through my writing I like to help others embrace this whole life – the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. I know that many of you — my readers — understand this. I also know that this is the only way to face our problems and deal with them, on a personal and a collective level. So if you’re a long-time reader, I’d like to take a moment to praise you for being such a committed truth seeker.

if we wish to overcome our life problems, then we need to do something about them. By that I don’t mean to merely repeat positive affirmations in our minds and wish that all is going to be perfectly fine. Rather, I mean to stand up from our chairs, roll up our sleeves and take concrete action. But first we need to accept and attend to our problems, instead of denying them, as the philosophy of “positive thinking” urges us to do. We need to look at them in the eye, examine why they are there, and search for ways to effectively deal with them.

Of course, this can be quite a tough thing to do. To admit that something is wrong with our lives is a bitter pill to swallow. And to change it might require painstakingly hard work. But, whether we like it or not, there’s no other way to go about it. Either we work our problems out and suffer for a short while, or we ignore them and suffer for as long as we’re alive.

Peace and Love, Jim

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