This is a story about small efforts. Put that little extra effort in anything you are doing and see how your life changes. People will remember you, people will respect you. You will be someone worth remembering.

Marrissa Meyer had just begun to work at Google as an intern. She was not responsible for too much as intern but simply had to ensure that Google’s rapidly expanding search engine updates were smooth as they rolled out each round. Then Google was relatively new and like many before them their appearance and content updates were taking a hit on usability. Marissa had made a fun game of counting the words within the content being pushed to extremes with each update. Yes, she had made a mental awareness game through counting the number of words in the Google homepage.

A non-sensical task, you might say. But not for Google. She noticed that the homepage was getting too cluttered with each update and this was against the Google philosophy of keeping things simple. She instantly took action and suggested a decluttering of the page by removing the unnecessary content and visual bloat!  Yes you know the rest – Google removed the visual clutter and embraced the stark simplicity we all came to know. Ever since, the number of words in the homepage hasn’t been allowed to cross 28.

Why did she do this? It was certainly not in her job description and who cares if one more word actually comes in the homepage? People won’t even notice anyway. But she put in that extra effort. She cared about the company she worked for. And today, she is the CEO of Yahoo and one of the most respected women in Silicon Valley.

See, this is life. It only takes little steps to make it better. But you have to take those steps even in the face of adversity or uncertainty. Never underestimate your perceptions and contributions in life, for the most significant advancements often come from the smallest changes.

Peace and Love, Jim

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