You know the feeling. That total flat out craziness when you feel like your day (your life?) is off the rails and you need to reign it in, stat. The good news is that you can. And that you already have all of the tools you need to do so — it’s just  matter of tapping into them; here’s how…

1) Go outside – The fresh air, the connection to nature and the vitamin D are all good for you both physically AND mentally, so consider stepping away from your desk and into the great outdoors. (Even if it is just the parking lot outside of your office). 

2) Get moving – Think less “work out” and more “easy movement”. Consider scheduling a walking meeting instead of slogging away in the conference room for another hour. You’ll feel better and probably get more done in the process. 

3) Help someone – Enough said.

4) Smile – There’s scientific evidence that even gritting your teeth and forcing yourself to fake smile has a positive impact on your outlook. Never has “fake it ’til you make it” been more appropriate. 

5) Do something you love  – Sure, most of us love traveling to exotic locales, all expenses paid, but in this case think small. Love reading? Give yourself permission to read, alone, uninterrupted for 5 minutes. Even just a few minutes of “you” time can turn a topsy turvy day back right side up and it’s amazing what a world of difference it will make.

Peace and Love, Jim

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