That Day Dawns. . .

When people are not here in the present, they commonly don’t know they are not present. Given this state of affairs, just how does one inhabit this moment? One strong opening to Presence is to begin noticing when you are “tuned out” and “engaged elsewhere” in your mind. The very moment of awareness of not being present is a witnessing of being “tuned out”, which immediately evokes being “tuned in” and seeing what has been missing -Presence itself. It costs you nothing to place your awareness in a non-judging observing mode, and with great kindness, honesty and compassion at that. You can ask, “What seems to block being Presence itself?” and “What is more valuable than right now?” There are many simple conduits for being in this moment. Each is not a “how to” or “of” or “about” Presence. Each is purely a direct conscious noticing of what is right in front of you and within you all the time. Presence is purely effortless awareness-literally where you place your attention moment by moment.

The context of awareness is consciousness or being or all that is, fully conscious and present to the inner and outer environment.

Awareness is not a thought about what is; awareness is that which is aware of a thought.

Awareness is not a feeling or experience; awareness is that which is aware of a feeling or experience.

Awareness itself is all embracing, conscious of being conscious, aware of being aware, and finds everything completely fascinating.

Consciousness itself can only be conscious to itself. Presence is all embracing, generously welcoming everything and everyone. Heartfelt gratitude and natural generosity beaming unconditional love may well be the clearest indicators of aware presence. Presence is so vast and limitless, it naturally and fully acknowledges absence. Presence is absence, even as absence is presence. In Presence, everything we see through the lenses of pure perception is seen as undivided connection with “what is.” Right now is experienced as deep compassionate acceptance. To be calm, peaceful, completely engaged and fully relaxed reflects presence. Presence is the space of the eternal response to true identity: “I AM.” When you bring a purity of intention coupled with a whole-bodied attention, this naturally expresses itself in a rich, resonant and welcoming presence, like a timeless infinite embrace of the entire world moment by moment.

Henry David Thoreau simply saw the obvious: “Only that day dawns to which we are awake.”

Peace and Love, Jim

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