You know how when your car’s wheels are out of alignment, it still runs, but it pulls to the left or right, and the ride may not be very smooth? Well, life is like that. It can get out of alignment (mentally). Here are five ways to re-align your life and make life’s journey a “smooth ride.”

Reflect on your life positively and constructively. – It is critically important to pause occasionally to reflect on your life’s journey. Where are you going? What are your priorities? What lessons are you learning? It is through reflection that we develop as a person. It is important that this self-reflection goes in a positive direction. When you wake up in the middle of the night with worries and concerns, turn those negative thoughts into positive ones by deciding on the constructive steps you will take to resolve issues and how you will face the new day with a set of action items to make things better.

Count your blessings. – Instead of focusing on what’s missing, think about the good things in your life and what you have accomplished. It is important to engage in self-rewarding – giving ourselves a “pat on the back” for those things we have accomplished. And, show gratitude for the good things that others have done for you.

Pamper your soul. – Another way to align our lives is by taking time out for oneself. Take a mental-vacation or retreat. Remove yourself from your day-to-day activities to pamper yourself and your soul. Unplug your devices and focus on the here-and-now. Just simply enjoy life.

Create quality time. – When it comes to relationships, we all too often maintain those relationships “on the fly”—checking in briefly with loved ones as we head out the door, or simply going through the motions. Align your life and maintain important social ties by spending focused, quality time with loved ones. Schedule a time where the two of you can truly connect and strengthen the bonds.

Align your values. – Take stock and reflect on the things that you value. Do you highly value family, but are spending too much time at work? Is charity and “giving back” important to you, but you haven’t done much in this regard for a while? Cognitive dissonance is the unpleasant state we feel when our values or beliefs are inconsistent with our actions. Work to align what you truly value with your behaviors.

We should get in the habit of maintaining ourselves psychologically, and regularly, to get ourselves in alignment.

Peace and Love, Jim

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