Take Delight. . .

The live in a world of amazing things and opportunities. Some people will genuinely dislike this (for reasons not discussed today) which is unfortunate. Today I encourage us all to take delight in the good fortune of others.

One of the things that truly separates healthy, fulfilling relationships from the rest are how we respond to each other’s good fortune and success. Do you show genuine enthusiasm and interest when your friend or family member experiences something good? Or do you ignore, criticize, or downplay the achievement, feel envious or threatened, or say a quick, “That’s great,” and then move on?

If you’d like closer relationships, pay attention when the other person is excited. Ask questions, relive the experience with the other person, and express your excitement for him or her. Remember, happiness is contagious, so as you share the experience, their joy will become yours.

Peace and Love, Jim

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