I have written about The Lotus Sutra many times. Why?

I personally feel The Lotus Sutra is a great literary work in the form of a dialectic that takes place between Siddhartha and his disciples. Through these dialogues, we learn that all people possess the life condition of the Buddha and the Buddha’s wisdom. The Sutra also clarifies the path to enlightenment for all people. Secondly, it clarifies that the teachings in the Lotus Sutra represent the foundational teaching of all Buddhas. Thirdly, it teaches that at times when people have fallen into suffering, disbelief and worry, the teachings of the Lotus Sutra should be shared as it will provide hope, courage and inner security.

The Lotus Sutra expresses the essential wish to attain unshakable happiness for oneself and all others and reveals Siddhartha’s core teaching of how we can each overcome the root cause of our sufferings. So today I share a clear concise version at the link below. Read it over the weekend and give it some thought – it goes beyond its words with the right mindset.

Original Translated Sutra (PDF) – The Lotus Sutra

Great Synopsis of the Lotus Sutra – The Lotus Sutra Overview

Peace and Love, Jim

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