Many of you have wondered and inquired about what it is that I actually do outside of writing, publishing and maintaining The Daily Buddha. Well, after leaving the stressful, deadline driven world of advertising and marketing I operated a successful firm in the early 2000’s) I decided to pursue an unusual course and become a certified nutritionist and health consultant. I think it was my buddhist background that led me to pursue the more physical side of life and in the end it has brought many wonderful aspects and insights into my life.

There are many people who live a passive, zombie-like life — who are not actually living but merely surviving. To them, life seems like a drudgery that they have to endure until the very moment they die. They always feel drained of energy, and have to force their body in order to keep on going.

Not being physically active, eating empty-of-nutrients foods, suppressing ourselves in all sorts of ways, and having found no true meaning and purpose in life, it’s not surprising that many of us feel this way. But this can be changed at any moment, if we are willing to do so. And there are many ways we can achieve that, such as by eating healthier, doing more of what we love and less of what we hate, and moving our bodies more.

Moving the body, and particularly using weights and machines in a balanced program can do wonders to awaken our dormant, suppressed energy, and hence relieve us from stress and re-vitalize us. Exercise and good nutrition are simply the perspective of taking care of our “earth suits” as my wife like to call it, and it can make us feel more alive. It’s a great boost of energy. You will feel stronger, empowered, cleansed, unburdened from things that often pull us down. Complete is the word that comes to mind.

As you can understand, exercise could be a great way of bringing you into a state of meditation. It could clear your mind, reduce your stress levels, turn you into a more conscious being and raise your vibrations so that you can live up to your fullest potential. So if you have a strong constitution, I’d highly recommend you to give exercise and healthy nutrition a try, experiment with it, and find out for yourself if you can reap the same amazing benefits that I did.

Peace and Love, Jim

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