Seeking happiness, one cannot find it, and purposefully not seeking it means giving up on it. So what can one do?

The answer lies in seeking it, even if that seems futile. And not just seeking, but seeking with the totality of your being. Seeking it until nothing else is in your mind. Sounds crazy, huh? Let me explain.

The more you seek happiness, the more you will come closer to realizing that it’s nowhere to be found. The more you seek happiness, the more you see the pointlessness of seeking it. The more effort your put into seeking happiness, the more fed up seeking it you will be. . . .

In other words, the purpose of seeking happiness is to eventually stop seeking it!

So I am not the person to suggest you to sit down, do nothing, and passively wait for happiness to appear in your life. No, happiness doesn’t work that way. At the same time, I can’t hide from you the truth that happiness can’t be sought or found. But seeking does help, because it will at some point make you understand the whole stupidity of it. When that realization descends on you, you will get exactly what I mean. And once you get it, you will be able to fully let go of all efforts and embrace life as it is.

In that moment, “nothing” will become clear and you will understand.

Peace and Love, Jim

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