The most common question for anyone seeking to be free from the trappings of their conditioning, inherited family trauma and trauma responses, and the trappings of a culture entirely created to avoid shame, is…“How?” How do I approach getting truly free from fear and insecurity, from repeating the same outcome regardless of the years of trying, training, and self-study?

Epigenetic theory suggests a new, modern understanding of what the buddha knew: By physical and mental discipline, we can shift how the fabric of consciousness/genetic blueprint material expresses itself through us. The implications of our modern understanding around beliefs and subconscious mind repatterning, takes this ancient understanding to a timeless potential which makes true freedom accessible, real and possible for all beings everywhere. What if we chose to view enlightenment not as a goal or singular moment but more of a life blueprint that is unique to your life and steps? This alone gives us the ability to choose wisely and with an informed mind regarding diet, stress management, exercise, sleep, choices, leadership, empathy and more. Its no real surprise that the better we feel the better we can serve our work, family, community, and world. Now add developments regarding the conscious repatterning of subconscious beliefs, and limitless potential is born to perform, create, collaborate, love, live fully, and be the radiant and authentic expression that is true freedom: free of the patterns passed down generationally; free from the cultural values which keep us too busy, too tired, and too scared to connect and live fully; free from self-worth issues that are programmed insidiously in media and marketing; free from automatic responses that destroy the emotional safety and well-being we all desire and on which we thrive.

True freedom no longer looks like an ascetic in a cave–it isn’t reasonable, approachable, or constructive and the Buddha himself tried and recognized this. To be free perhaps is to know the potential, gifts, and talents that are available to you and express them by:

• Knowing how to embrace our moments through the observances and restraints in which we participate;
• Knowing how to end the cycles of suffering- the habits and patterns which lead to the same destructive outcomes (known as “Samsara” in Sanskrit)- through repatterning, visualization, mindfulness and meditation tailored to you;
• Living radically and authentically as a stand for a transformed world here and now- being happy and free.

There is nothing romantic or spiritual about praying for something, which seems so far removed from our modern realm of possibility, it is unattainable. Many coaches emphasize the importance of a goal being attainable and possible. The implications of epigenetics and subconscious repatterning work is that now, true freedom is possible, and we as a culture are on the brink of individual and collective awakening so profound and powerful we have no capture on what culture can and will become. We live in a time of limitless possibility, in a world of abundant, regenerative resources, with information literally at our fingertips.
May all beings everywhere be happy and free. This prayer and goal is attainable and achievable. Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

Peace and Love, Jim

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