Thinking Thoughts. . .

You can have thousands of thoughts in your mind each day. Do they reflect you, your innermost self, your core being? Do they make you feel agitated or compassionate? Do they inspire competition or compassion?

If there’s one concept that I’ve really grown to believe in, and have noticed in action, it is that you are what you think. Your thoughts are undeniably powerful. From my own personal vantage, I have noticed an enormous shift in my life (for the better) simply based on how I think. Only we know what it’s like to live in our own heads, is it a pretty place to hang out for a lifetime? If your answer is no, don’t worry! At one time or another, we have all come from a place where we feel like our thoughts truly are uncontrollable and negative.

I’m here today to tell you how much things change when you have that simple shift in your thoughts from negative to positive. While I’m not saying that you have to float through life thinking that everything is hunky dory at all moments in time, I am encouraging you to shift your viewpoint. Check out these tips on why your thoughts matter, and what you can do to create this shift in thinking to live your happiest, most awesome life ever.

Be aware. The first way to fix any problem is awareness. Simply notice what is going on, so you can pinpoint it, and know what you want to change. Many of us feel like our brains are these endless chatterboxes with no pause, mute, or off switch. Our lives don’t have to be lived this way. Start to be mindful of your thoughts on a daily basis. If something negative comes up, notice it, maybe ponder it, and then let it go. Think of this as taking inventory of your thoughts, so you can really get a grasp of what goes on in that head of yours on a daily basis.

Use tools to stop the negative chatter. Once you know what really goes on in your mind, you can cultivate the tools necessary to settle it down a bit. Repeat a mantra or affirmation, focus on your breath, or go for a walk. These are all things you can incorporate to bring your mind back to the now, and out of a negative spin.

Don’t get down on yourself. Sometimes on a spiritual path we think we have to obtain perfection in order for it to “work.” We think if we mess up, we’re ruined and we have to start over. Nonsense! Replace those rigid thoughts with the positive; don’t beat yourself up, ever.

Try viewing things differently. In any situation that really bums you out or brings up a strong emotion, take a step back and say to yourself how can I see this differently? With the awareness and intent to see the other side you can immediately calm your mind and ease your emotions.

Journal and reflect. One great way to get some negative or pestering thoughts out is to journal. Set aside time in the morning or at night to be one pointed and let the words flow onto paper. Don’t try to over think what you should write, let the words come naturally.

Become inspired. Be around people who lift you up, not drag you down. Surround yourself with positive people who will help you see the importance of mindfulness and help keep you on your own path to being the happiest, most positive you yet.

Peace and Love, Jim

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